Engerati Interview with Avista’s Heather Rosentrater

At Itron Utility Week in Houston, Texas, Engerati interviewed numerous leaders in the utility industry including Heather Rosentrater, vice president of energy delivery for Avista. During the interview, Rosentrater highlighted Urbanova's success in modeling smart city solutions. See the interview here.

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Urbanova – A Living Lab

In a Company Spotlight on Itron in Smart Cities World, Urbanova was highlighted as an example of smart cities in action. The article features a detailed case study of the success of Urbanova as a living lab. Recognizing the smart and connected streetlight project, the case study identified Urbanova’s current [...]

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GSI Advantage Spokane Magazine 2017

Recently, Urbanova was mentioned in Greater Spokane Incorporated’s (GSI) Advantage Spokane Magazine. As Spokane’s premier business magazine, the publication highlights innovators, community advocates and industry leaders in Spokane. The magazine featured Heather Rosentrater, vice president of energy delivery at Avista and treasurer for Urbanova, in a “Spokane Voices” profile. In [...]

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Smart Cities Take Shape Around Energy and Water

In an exclusive interview at energati.com, Russ Vanos, vice president of sales and marketing for global software, services and smart cities at Itron (one of Urbanova’s founding partners), says that energy and water are foundational to smart city development. Read full article >

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Collaboration Is Key Factor to Spokane’s Smart City

We know from past efforts that collaboration takes time. No surprise – it always takes longer to build consensus than to dictate decisions. But it’s worth the extra effort because the end result is always more enduring when we work together. Read full article >

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