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Verizon and Urbanova work with the City of Spokane to create a smarter, more sustainable and more connected place to live

Verizon and Urbanova, in collaboration with the City of Spokane, Washington have formed an agreement to partner on developing scalable technology solutions aimed at creating a smarter, safer, more connected place to live. Verizon, Urbanova, the organization dedicated to finding new ways to enhance communities, and the city will partner [...]

October 18, 2018|

Gallup and Urbanova Launch Groundbreaking People-Centered Platform to Enhance Global Urban Initiatives

Building on their initial research, Gallup and Urbanova have partnered to develop one of the world’s premier people-centered smart cities platforms to give municipalities and their stakeholders the data and insights they need to improve the social, economic and environmental equity and resiliency of their neighborhoods. This is a unique [...]

August 22, 2018|

Chief Innovation Officers in State and Local Government

In GovTech's overview of which states, cities and counties have added a chief innovation officer to their ranks,  Eric Finch is noted as a 2015 Chief Innovation and Technology Officer hire by the City of Spokane. The number of chief innovation officers populating city halls, county government centers and state capitols continues [...]

August 21, 2018|

Leading #likeagirl: Spokane Women Executives Say Gender Diversity is Crucial to Corporate Success

The female leaders of Urbanova were recently profiled in the Journal of Business’ 2018 Women In Leadership Supplement. The supplement highlights “what is and isn’t working when it comes to increasing women in corporate leadership, overcoming and eliminating gender obstacles and shaping healthier business environments.” Click here to access the digital edition.

June 26, 2018|

21 Smart Communities to Watch in 2018

Smart cities were born from the idea that the most environmentally sustainable, most culturally vibrant, most efficient, safest and most equitable places to live in the future will be cities. The movement is evolving daily, with some of the most obvious indicators showcased in the neighborhoods of cities like Stockholm, [...]

May 31, 2018|

Spokane Mayor Accepts IDC Smart Cities Award in New York

On May 9, Spokane Mayor David Condon accepted an award recognizing the city’s sustainable infrastructure at the inaugural IDC Smart Cities North America Awards in New York City. Condon accepted the award on behalf of Spokane and Urbanova, a living laboratory collaboration and proving ground to design cities for the future. Urbanova harnesses [...]

May 22, 2018|

Smart Cities: Building Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Driver-less vehicles. Sensor-laden street lighting. Smart water. Cities across the nation are adopting innovative technology, transforming into “smart cities.” Smart Cities Week Silicon Valley, a bi-annual conference organized by the Smart Cities Council, brings together leaders from government and industry to share best practices about programs and pilots around the [...]

May 17, 2018|